Hi! I’m Simran.

Welcome to my Reading Journal. Yes, you read it right! READING JOURNAL. This is not a blog rather a place where I write about the books I read, my view, my feelings, everything related a book. I am a person who cannot write professionally I don’t even want to though because that is not me. I tried doing that before but then nothing happened I stopped blogging. I love to write in my diary I love to record small small things. I love to ramble and babble a lot about any book.
I thought why not just make this blog personal and just do the same. This will be like a reading journal. MY reading journal. I think if I do me I will enjoy the process of writing on laptop (as I am a *feel of the page* type of person)

It will be so amazing to see my feels for a particular book at a particular time.

Apart from this. I love to purchase bookish merchs (if they are affordable because I am just a student) and I will share those here as well.


*Though, I don’t write well. Just a novice in this blogging community. I will improve eventually.*

Enjoy my journal!